Would you be able to explain that feeling you will have if you know what interview questions your hiring manager will ask? Weird question, right? You can’t read anyone’s mind but you can certainly prepare yourself with the answers of the most commonly asked interview questions. Every hiring manager asks certain common interview questions to every candidate to reiterate their strengths, understand their weaknesses, and know their applicable skill sets. It is a very good practice to do your homework before proceeding for the interview. This article covers some of the most commonly asked interview questions and their answers.

  • “Tell me a little about yourself”.

This question sounds so easy, but when it comes to give a suitable reply, interviewees often fail, because of the lack of preparation. It is an open question and you would need to use your ability to leave a great impression on the interviewer. You do not need to be nervous. The tip is to list down the positives of your personality and your career, and frame a concise and compelling reply.

Remember that your reply should focus on the experiences and skills most relevant for the position you are applying for. Your hiring manager has been through your resume, so your answer should be different from that and s/he wants to know more about you. Always support your statements with examples to make the interviewer believe in you.

  • "What do you know about our company?"

What the interviewer intends to ask is, why have you appeared for the interview if you do not even know who we are? You need to know about the company well.

We bet that you have read about the company diligently and are all set to speak about its mission, values, products and services, but the interviewer want to know something different here. That is, do you care about these things or you have just mugged up the information and regurgitated! A good idea will be adding a personal touch to the company’s values and be 100% correct about your facts.

  • “What are your strengths?"

Interviewees hate this interview question. However, it gives the recruiters a fair idea of how you evaluate and judge yourself, and how positive or negative you are in your approach. So before going for your interview, make a list of your real strengths and abilities that you have acquired through your professional experience. Highlight the skills and competencies that you think are the most relevant to the job you are applying for. Always be subtle, avoid self-praising no matter what.

  • "What are your weaknesses?"

No one likes to talk about his or her weakness and you are no exception. This is among the most sensitive interview questions and you would need to take care while replying. Do not come up with any sugarcoated stuff as your weaknesses, which are anyway an exaggeration of your strengths only. Avoid using words kike perfectionist/too organized/workaholic, the interviewer will start judging you. They like honest candidates and want to listen to some examples about how something hampered your working and how you overcame it by actively working on it. Talk about your personal traits, suggest how a bad work atmosphere demotivates you or how you are not confident at public speaking and are working hard to improve it.

  • “Why are you leaving your current job?”

You like it not; you will be asked this question. This question hides an intention, which is to realize if the candidate is honest. Your answer should be balanced and must not be straightforward. Avoid replies like – “I hated my boss” or “I wasn’t paid well”. Your response should be both positive and honest and must imply that you want more responsibility and a better career growth. Some of the positive responses can be –

  1. Career switch
  2. Better work-life balance
  3. Relocating to other place

By now, you must have some idea of what employers look out for in a perfect candidate. It is almost like preparing for a school test, but trust us; practicing these interview questions is worth. Read more about the company you have applied for, research about the job, and read the job description carefully. Practice these interview questions until you feel confident about your answers and leave a lasting impression in the interview.


All the best for your interview!!